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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Series 2: WBMX Style singles

Gonna do one last big batch of rips tonight before I have to start breaking down my setup in prep for a move this weekend. Hope it stops raining before then.

VA - WBMX-Style

Huge file on this post, planning on two others tonight but we'll see what I get through. This singles post is not precisely WBMX but all of them fall under what I'd consider the 'style' they used to work within, a mix of electro-funk, early house and cut-up party mixing. First, my favorite track of the lot, is State of Grace - That's When We'll Be Free. A sparse sort of down-tempo electro-funk jam, the kind of thing you'd drop at the beginning or the end of a late night set. Very deep disco track. Next is Mr. K/Special G - Rock the House, a bootleg of old school turntablist funk cut-up. Then there's Morgan's mid 80's electrofunk soul jam Wanna Love Ya. So Tranquilizin' provides an uptempo bit of proto-house sampler overuse with a ripping guitar solo, from Jamaaladeen Tacuma produced by Francois Kevorkian. Don't know why the fuck discogs says it's 'Acid Jazz/Dub' but I don't know how to fix their shit and they get pissed like wikipedia editors about it when you do it wrong. The final two are proper house jams, It's Getting Better by Tammy Thomas squeezing into the WBMX era by a hair coming out in '87 and This Time Around by Deneen (not even listed on discogs, that one!) missing it by a bit at '89.

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