Sometimes the underground is a surreal place to be.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Loronix Memorial

It's been years now, since loronix went dark.  The old grandpa who was ripping so many records for us all apparently passed in a quiet hospital near his home years ago, and sadly, his efforts seem to have passed with him into the aether.  Loronix was one of the most important and genuinely honorable and worthy mp3 blogs back when such a thing was actually possible.  If you find this site, and you have something from the collection he provided, please post up a link to a download and subscribe to comments to this post to catch new links.  I'll post up what I can, just post them on free download sites as we did back in the day and a good place to start is the current Mega.

Always remember: anything you see online is transient and may dissolve into nothing tomorrow.  Do your best to preserve it all. Save everything.!8QUzDYoL!xHUfrLk0tPukEkl5yIKr7OVV5QtQZX7yNRySlmDc-K4!8Us3lSDC!XFHr2TDIkBqmDyV6Wye474Pp6kxehwCRWJANxF2opow!tRNRBLDJ!d_L2-UWcBc3zH2L9xhjQLvN0A7G6mb9df7xunpvzle4

Please let me know if those links dont work by posting in the comments, they should provide three albums ripped by our beloved friend loronix back in the day.  May he find happiness in wherever he preferred, but hopefully it was somewhere with a view towards us carrying on in his stead.