Sometimes the underground is a surreal place to be.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Graeme Park & Mike Pickering - Hacienda Live mix 08-1989

This is one I've had on rotation for an age, would almost swear I'd posted it up but a cursory review makes it clear that I have the privilege of posting this now, rather than at a time when I had other bits to provide. This is a DAT bootleg of a latter-era Nude party. Mix is top quality, as you would well expect of this legendary party. Even the boot gives a great sound-image of what the party was: whistle brigade is out in full force and captured here.

Park & Pickering - Hacienda pt 1 pt 2 08-89


Thursday, December 3, 2009

TLR - Road To Rimini 18/10/08

Another mix that's been a mainstay for me. Doing an old-skool mix with twenty (or so) years perspective makes it so much easier to know the listening crowd. In this bit you'll find everything from pop disco cheeze to ace legowelt trax and a lot of acid and chicago shit providing substance. It's a mix so good you won't care that the old lady next to you on the train gives you the eye 'cause the 4/4 beat is spilling from your ears. Go listen to some choir music, ma'am, my church preaches a different gospel. Enjoy.

TLR - Road To Rimini 18/10/08

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ellis Dee - EOE Set @ Fantazia NYE 12-31-92

here's a bit for the breakbeat hardcore heads out there (easily my weakest posting constituency). nicked from the its all about old skool forums (hit that up if you're down with the sound). Homework assignment: lay down someting interesting.

Ellis Dee - End of Event Set @ Fantazia NYE 1993 (12-31-92)


I received a DMCA notice on my post of The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms not long after my computer died, and since I've gone back to school in the meantime I haven't had time to do many rips. I've since gotten a new computer and found that none of my old data was lost, I'll be moving into a new apartment soon where I'll be able to set up for new rips. I'll have some new material to post soon, so keep an eye on SRO: We ain't dead yet.