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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Series 2: Italo & Latin House

Alright, got an LP ripped that I need to chop up before posting (freedom songs of thamil eelam, not quite timely but close enough I suppose). Until then, enjoy this set of Italo and Latin house. Got some real bangers on this batch, including a ten minute version of Sueno Latino and a real nice version of Cuban Gigolo. Also, this!

One of my favs. Dig that pro old skool music video (that's exactly how I dance!!). The version of Sueno Latino is off a late 90's double single set, it was apparently included to give legitimacy to the "Latin House Anthems" subtitle, because every other tune on it was contemporary and I've never heard of any of them. Anyway, jump on it and jack jack jack.

Series 2 #6: Italo & Latin House

Cuban Gigolo

Throw 'em the Chicken

Sueno Latino (Latin Dream mix)

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Passage - Degenerates

Second LP of the night, highly literate english synth-pop from The Passage. First track is one of my favorites of the genre, 'XOYO' is a paean to gender & sexual equality and features some of the lushest synth work I've ever heard. That synth work carries on through the rest of the album, and should strike a chord with both minimal synth fans and fans of more grandiose works (Schulze, for example, or the various albums I've posted in the past). 'Fleck', for example, is a mean little song with a couple of aggro little monosynth basslines, while '(Ourselves)' is a bit like Vangelis-gone-synthpop. Punky up-tempo synth lines and intelligent lyrics found here in spades. Enjoy.

The Passage - Degenerates (1982)

The Equators - Hot

Got two good LPs tonight. First up is a selection from the Stiff Records catalog (Feelies labelmates, you know you can't go wrong). The Equators were a 7 member pop-reggae group, up tempo almost to the point where I want to group them with the second-wave ska movement, except they're american rather than english so probably didn't have much in common with those groups. Not a bad track on the album here, standouts include 'Mr. Copper' and 'There Is Someone' but all around a well written, well produced album of highly-dancible reggae tunes.

The Equators - Hot (1981)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Series 2: Left-field House Singles

I'm not dead! Just busy and waiting on a preamp that never came (so I bought another one). I'll try to start doing regular updates from now on.

This one's got three singles I've been dying to rip for ages, and I'm sure you'll understand why. Up first is MAW's deep house remake of Fela Kuti's "Expensive Shit" (feat. a remix of "Zombie" and an accapella of the A side!). 'Nuff said. Second is a brilliant mid-90s strictly rhythm tune called I Want to Get To You. Vince Ailey's first (and only, on SR) release. Lastly is something I'm not even sure can be called house, it's a promo remix by Bill Laswell from the 90's "Panthalassa" album of big name remixes of Miles Davis' seminal "On The Corner" album. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to dance to it. This time we've even got zshare previews!

Series 2 #5: Left Field

MAW - Expensive Shit
Crazy Canuk - I Want To Get You (Alley Comet Mix)
Miles Davis - Rated X (Reconstruction)

Got a stack I've been itching to post, keep an eye open.