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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Series 2: Italo & Latin House

Alright, got an LP ripped that I need to chop up before posting (freedom songs of thamil eelam, not quite timely but close enough I suppose). Until then, enjoy this set of Italo and Latin house. Got some real bangers on this batch, including a ten minute version of Sueno Latino and a real nice version of Cuban Gigolo. Also, this!

One of my favs. Dig that pro old skool music video (that's exactly how I dance!!). The version of Sueno Latino is off a late 90's double single set, it was apparently included to give legitimacy to the "Latin House Anthems" subtitle, because every other tune on it was contemporary and I've never heard of any of them. Anyway, jump on it and jack jack jack.

Series 2 #6: Italo & Latin House

Cuban Gigolo

Throw 'em the Chicken

Sueno Latino (Latin Dream mix)

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