Sometimes the underground is a surreal place to be.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I've been way busy lately, and haven't had the patience or will to rip some of my records due to both [not wanting to bother my roommates] and [my only audio input is real noisy now that i'm using a macbook pro].

Therefore, here's a link from a blog which I've loved for years, and which I fear might now be done. The proprietor was an older gentleman from Brazil who adored Brazilian popular music from about 1950 to around 2000, and facilitated the distribution of high quality rips of hard to find records from throughout that period. This is my absolute favorite post he ever made, which still seems to be up:

Paulinho Nogueira - Sambas de Ontem e Hoje (1961)

As I said, it's been about a year since he or any of the other contributors to Loronix have posted anything new. I hope that you'll download this from his blog, as it's my favorite bossanova album and easily in my top five albums ever; and i hope that you'll share my supportive sentiment for whatever he and his family might be going through, might have gone through, or indeed might need.