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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

VA - United Stance of Techno

Various Artists - United Stance of Techno (1993)

Probably one of the best hardcore compilations I've ever found. Picked up the tape version from a thrift store a couple of subway stops north of me, was so blown away by the tracklist that I picked up the CD for next to nothing on ebay just to share here! Energy Flash, Sesame's Treet, House is Mine, Trip II the Moon, just a grip of absolute classics from my favorite era for rave. Only complaint is that they used the c.j. bolland mix of NRG's I Need Your Lovin, when the original is much better if you ask me.

That said, get a load of this shit:

I'll never get tired of the intro to this track, rest of it's kind of crap in comparison.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I love the 909

But I felt the 808 would fit my sound needs better. So I bought one. It's everything I'd dreamed it would be. The xoxbox arrives later this week.

That said, here's to the 909 I couldn't afford to go with her. the hats... the hats... oh god the hats...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dinosaur L - Go Bang (Thank You Arthur Edit) - (First Anniversary Post)

Dinosaur L - Go Bang (Thank You Arthur Edit)

I've got a big post uploading now, but since it doesn't look like it'll finish in time for me to post it tonight here's a great edit of this quintessential disco track I've had on rotation lately. Enjoy.

Hey, it's technically the first anniversary! (Though we did have a big break there for a couple of months) In celebration, here's a track I did on a lark in Reason a week or so ago. I'll try to start ripping some of the new records I've put together in the past year this month. Thanks for reading SRO! Stick around, I'm not going anywhere...

(by the way, this is amazing)

and some other tracks on the day-to-day playlist

Stephen Brooks - The Art of Indirect Suggestion

Seems I was wrong about the time required.

Stephen Brooks - The Art of Indirect Suggestion pt. 1
Stephen Brooks - The Art of Indirect Suggestion pt. 2

Tonight I'm putting up a series of lectures about trance induction, hypnosis, and how to use indirect suggestion. Very long, full of possibility for sampling and throwing over some old acid tracks or just purely for entertainment value. Goes quite well with the Yoga record I posted almost a year ago now. This one comes in two parts and contains no less than 8 90~ minute tapes. It's actually a fairly interesting method to approaching language and speech, though I haven't listened to all 12 hours of it yet. Enjoy.