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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

VA - United Stance of Techno

Various Artists - United Stance of Techno (1993)

Probably one of the best hardcore compilations I've ever found. Picked up the tape version from a thrift store a couple of subway stops north of me, was so blown away by the tracklist that I picked up the CD for next to nothing on ebay just to share here! Energy Flash, Sesame's Treet, House is Mine, Trip II the Moon, just a grip of absolute classics from my favorite era for rave. Only complaint is that they used the c.j. bolland mix of NRG's I Need Your Lovin, when the original is much better if you ask me.

That said, get a load of this shit:

I'll never get tired of the intro to this track, rest of it's kind of crap in comparison.

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  1. Any chance you can re-up United Stance of Techno??