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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Asakawa Maki - Asakawa Maki No Sekai

Asakawa Maki - Asakawa Maki No Sekai (1970)

Light up a cigarette and pour yourself a scotch, neat. Beautiful vocals from this Japanese jazz songstress (described someplace or another as having a "heroin and cigarettes voice"), with production from a legendary producer whose name escapes me.

from a live performance in '84:

Friday, April 24, 2009

Omar Khorshid - Rhythms From The Orient

Omar Khorshid - Rhythms From The Orient

This one's been tossed around on a few blogs but it's tough to track down since most of them have gone down over the years. Khorshid was the greatest guitarist of Lebanese descent in my opinion, even including Dick Dale. Listen to this album and you'll see what I mean. I posted an old tape rip I had of his tribute to Oum Kalsoum as my first post on this blog, but nothing I've ever heard of his other work compares to this. An extremely limited range of comparison, since his LPs go for about $50 on ebay and I've never been able to find rips of them anywhere and his catalog is totally out of print aside from bootlegs. which you can only track down if you read arabic. Believe me, I've tried. Everyone should hear this.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

GAM - GAM 1976

GAM - GAM 1976 (1976)

This was posted previously by a number of people, but I believe it was a single rip sourced from a poor quality bootleg. This is also a boot, but from a higher quality Seidr release (who have put out a number of kraut classics in reasonbly high quality cd-r bootlegs). Will have to scan the cover since I can't seem to track it down online.

Absolute classic of echo-guitar krautrock, think AR & Machines by way of Detroit. Less psychedelic and more driving. Was such a tremendous influence on me when I found it that I tried to start a similar band. You've no idea how hard it is to find someone interested in krautrock these days. Fav track is Für Elise und Alice but all of it is good.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


TAN AS FUCK - (SARS)chasm EP (2006)

Lofi noise from this great Nashville group. Was on heavy rotation when I stumbled across it, very much recommended for casual noise fans. Not at all harsh as far as noise goes, lots of shortwave/synth blips and heavily delayed guitar & vocals. Too active to call it drone, but it's very nice for a late night after a few too many glasses of wine, pints, slugs of whiskey, whatever your preference. Desperately wish I could have seen them live. Extremely old school-style industrial vibes in the area.

Nightwatch - Looks

Nightwatch - Looks (2006)

These guys were friends of mine a few years ago, haven't heard from them in ages though. I heard they broke up in '07. If I recall, this was a private press on their own dime done up in Russia. Psychedelic 4-track tape stuff done mostly with found gear. Live shows raged a lot more than this, which tends to be fairly laid back. One of my forgotten favorites. Stoned saturday afternoon music. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Manuel Gottsching - E2E4

Manuel Gottsching - E2E4 (1984, recorded 1981)
RS link

The only hour-long krautrock improv to become an Ibiza hit. The only proto-house anthem made by a founding member of Ash Ra Tempel. My favorite record. Nothing more I can add. Enjoy.

Three Nipples on Her Hand - Operation Sun Flower

Three Nipples on Her Hand - Operation Sun Flower (1995)

Another CD rip, this time TNoHH's 1995 Operation Sun Flower. They're from Tokyo, they're still active according to their myspace, and that is literally all the info I have. Great acid-indie psych record here, check out the 13 and a half minute freakout on track 3 and the following pleasant little acoustic & drum machine song. I'll try to remember to update this post with a cover scan when I get the scanner set up again.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Merzbow - Pornoise

I think this is in the Merzbox but here's my copy of the 5 C60 book set of Merzbow's epic 1984 masterpiece Pornoise. You can still get this from RRR, runs $25 and you should buy it because RRRon is a great guy and deserves your money for continuing to provide not only this but so many other amazing releases (like: a ton of United Diaries cassettes, a book set of the absolutely necessary Rising from the Red Sand comp series, cdrs of p16.d4, etc). Here in five parts, ripped in utterly unnecessary v0, is five hours of cassette noise from the master himself during (imo) his best period. I've got a few other things I might post tonight but who knows what I'll get uploaded.

Personal favorite side is #9, A-side of the last cassette, "Toy 69". Rhythmic noise blasts, either from an overdriven drum machine or a machine gun on a tape loop, a lot of freaked out shortwave & synth noise and a woman being tortured to top it all off. If you haven't got an RS account, get that one.

done in single tape zips, open 'em all to a folder.

A Penis Art Is Microphone
B Loop Fuck / Obituary

C Night Noise White
D New Karhma

E Neon Swarm
F International Velvet

G Dynamite Don Don
H De-Filement Of His Nubile Young Wife

I Toy 69
J UFO Vs British Army

DJ Scottie B - My Crew Be Unruly

ok its gonna take forever to get up that surprise i had in store so in the meantime

DJ Scottie B - My Crew Be Unruly (2008)

hello ghettotech! thanks to my friend who hooked me up with this rip.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Fall - Live 1977

one more from a cd rip i did today

The Fall - Live 1977

Live 1977 is a live album by The Fall, first released in March 2000. Although the sound quality is poor and live documents of The Fall are plentiful, this one is of particular note as it is the earliest available recording of the group in action, apart from two tracks on the Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus compilation. It dates from December 1977, about six weeks after the group recorded their debut single "Bingo-Master's Break-Out!" (which wasn’t released until August 1978). It is the only release where early song "Hey! Fascist" can be heard, although it was reworked as "Hey! Student" and released on Middle Class Revolt some seventeen years later. There are also very early versions of "Oh! Brother" and "Cop It", both later found on The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall, the latter retitled "Copped It". In addition, it is only here that the group’s reworking of "Louie Louie" can be accessed, an opportunity for cult figure John the Postman to join the group on stage. The original line-up was caught on tape just in time; this was to be Tony Friel’s last performance with the band. After a couple of short-stay replacements, the job would eventually be taken by Marc Riley.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

rahaan - disco not disco

last one for now, classic deep disco & new wave mix here. sorry for the poor quality. zshare still doesn't want to work for me so its rapidshare again i guess. luckily someone else put it up on divshare, listen here! (or on zshare here if that doesn't work)

rahaan - disco not disco

rough tracklist via djhistory
Was (Not Was) "Oh, Mr. Friction!"
Ron Trent-Love to the world (love dub)
Talking Heads-Pull up the Roots
Time Bandits-Live it up
Talking Heads-I Zimbra
Nancy Nova-The Force
Marsha Hunt-The Other Side of Midnight
Gino Soccio-S-Beat
Dj Rush-I Wanna
Magnifique 'Magnifique'
Divine-Love Reaction
Kebekelektrik's Wardance with 'Sensuous Black Woman'
Lanier-25 Hours(nick the record edit)
Was (Not Was)-Wheel Me Out
Rinder & Lewis-Arabella
El Coco - Afrodesia
- ?
Hott City-Ain't love grand
Barbara Mason & Bunny Sigler-Locked In This Position
Cerrone-Love In C Minor
Queen-Body Language

much love to the djhistory forums for this one and so many others.

VA - Universe: Mind, Body + Soul

i spent most of tonight working on a big surprise for tomorrow night, but here's something i tossed in to clear my mind of what i was hearing for about three hours. two hours left to go on that...

for now, here's a bunch of early live dnb/hardcore rave mixes from '92. Not my links, thanks to whoever put them up.

CARL COX part 1
CARL COX part 2

Monday, April 6, 2009

Musicworks 23 - Music of the Inuit

I'm back! Not set up for vinyl rips yet so I'll be doing some cassettes from the stack. Still only about half unpacked, need to toss some things too and gotta ship out a ton of bits of equipment I unloaded on ebay.

Today's rip is one I'd been meaning to do for a while. Sorry I haven't got a proper scan, I'll try to get things properly set up by next week.

MUSICWORKS 23 - Music of the Inuit (1983)

From the j-card:

MUSICWORKS, 1087 Queen Street West,
Toronto, Canada, M6J 1H3 (416) 533-0192

Compiled by Tina Pearson and John Oswald.
Edited and Manufactured by John Oswald.


    SIDE A
  • FM and Shortwave Radio of the North, 1982, from the collection of Marvin Green.
    Includes excerpt of a hymn sung by Joase and Susie Onalik.
  • Donald Suluk speaking at Inuktitut Music Workshop.*
    Donald and Alice Suluk sing Once in Awhile (Pisiq)
    Courtesy Canadian Ethnology Service
  • Katajaiit : Alice Alasuak and Nellie Nunguak from Povungnituk, Quebec. *
  • Katajaiit : Timanginak Petalaussie and Haunak Mikkigak from Cape Dorset, Northwest Territories.*
  • Canti Illuminati 1982 (LP Excerpt) by Alvin Curran. Shiphorns, A.C.'s voice and synthesizer. (FORE 80/SEVEN, Italy) cross fade to....
  • Aerosons, 1982 (opening section) by Leo Küpper, computer and vocal synthesis. From Music Gallery's Electronic Music Festival concert.
  • Young Love from In Vitro, 1978. Tina Pearson, with Paul Hodge, clarinet.

    SIDE B
  • more FM and Shortwave Radio of the North 1982.
  • Aftersounds, Gordon Monahan's illustration for Faraway Sounds. 1983
  • Kissing Jesus In the Dark (excerpt) 1981, by Miguel Frasconi and John Oswald.
  • Inflexions Vocales, 1982, (ending) by Leo Küpper. Anna Maria Keiffer, mezzo-soprano, Leo Küpper, computer and vocal synthesis.
  • Ur Sonate, 1922-32 by Kurt Schwitters. Excerpt from Christopher Butterfield's performance at Mercer Union, Toronto, 1982.
  • Amazing Grace in Inuktitut sing and played by the participants in the Inuktitut Music Workshop: Raddi Kuitchak (song), Frank Cockney (fiddle), Steve Kikoak (guitar) from Tuktoyaktuk, NWT. Donald Suluk (song & drum), Alice Suluk (song and drum), Charlie Panaguniak (song and guitar) from Eskimo Point, NWT. Emile Immaroitok (song and drum), Michael Qupak (song and drum), from Igloolik, NWT. Johnny Keeyootuk (accordian), from Broughton Island, NWT. Norman Ichaluktuk (song and guitar, Susie Onalik (song) from Frobisher Bay, NWT. Charlie Adams (song and guitar) from Baker Lake, NWT. Nellie Nunguak and Alasie Alasuak (throatsong) from Povungnituk, Quebec. Timanginak Petalaussie and Haunak Mikkigak (throatsong) Elelu Etedlui (guitar) from Cape Dorset, NWT. Joase and Sue Onalik (song and guitar) from Makkovik, Labrador.

* Inuktitut Music Workshop, Igloolik, NWT, 1982.
Recordings by Marvin Green

Connecting voices are Inuit radio announcer, Anne Skinner and Leo Küpper.

You may still be able to pick up a copy here, I didn't get mine there though so I can't vouch for them.