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Monday, April 6, 2009

Musicworks 23 - Music of the Inuit

I'm back! Not set up for vinyl rips yet so I'll be doing some cassettes from the stack. Still only about half unpacked, need to toss some things too and gotta ship out a ton of bits of equipment I unloaded on ebay.

Today's rip is one I'd been meaning to do for a while. Sorry I haven't got a proper scan, I'll try to get things properly set up by next week.

MUSICWORKS 23 - Music of the Inuit (1983)

From the j-card:

MUSICWORKS, 1087 Queen Street West,
Toronto, Canada, M6J 1H3 (416) 533-0192

Compiled by Tina Pearson and John Oswald.
Edited and Manufactured by John Oswald.


    SIDE A
  • FM and Shortwave Radio of the North, 1982, from the collection of Marvin Green.
    Includes excerpt of a hymn sung by Joase and Susie Onalik.
  • Donald Suluk speaking at Inuktitut Music Workshop.*
    Donald and Alice Suluk sing Once in Awhile (Pisiq)
    Courtesy Canadian Ethnology Service
  • Katajaiit : Alice Alasuak and Nellie Nunguak from Povungnituk, Quebec. *
  • Katajaiit : Timanginak Petalaussie and Haunak Mikkigak from Cape Dorset, Northwest Territories.*
  • Canti Illuminati 1982 (LP Excerpt) by Alvin Curran. Shiphorns, A.C.'s voice and synthesizer. (FORE 80/SEVEN, Italy) cross fade to....
  • Aerosons, 1982 (opening section) by Leo Küpper, computer and vocal synthesis. From Music Gallery's Electronic Music Festival concert.
  • Young Love from In Vitro, 1978. Tina Pearson, with Paul Hodge, clarinet.

    SIDE B
  • more FM and Shortwave Radio of the North 1982.
  • Aftersounds, Gordon Monahan's illustration for Faraway Sounds. 1983
  • Kissing Jesus In the Dark (excerpt) 1981, by Miguel Frasconi and John Oswald.
  • Inflexions Vocales, 1982, (ending) by Leo Küpper. Anna Maria Keiffer, mezzo-soprano, Leo Küpper, computer and vocal synthesis.
  • Ur Sonate, 1922-32 by Kurt Schwitters. Excerpt from Christopher Butterfield's performance at Mercer Union, Toronto, 1982.
  • Amazing Grace in Inuktitut sing and played by the participants in the Inuktitut Music Workshop: Raddi Kuitchak (song), Frank Cockney (fiddle), Steve Kikoak (guitar) from Tuktoyaktuk, NWT. Donald Suluk (song & drum), Alice Suluk (song and drum), Charlie Panaguniak (song and guitar) from Eskimo Point, NWT. Emile Immaroitok (song and drum), Michael Qupak (song and drum), from Igloolik, NWT. Johnny Keeyootuk (accordian), from Broughton Island, NWT. Norman Ichaluktuk (song and guitar, Susie Onalik (song) from Frobisher Bay, NWT. Charlie Adams (song and guitar) from Baker Lake, NWT. Nellie Nunguak and Alasie Alasuak (throatsong) from Povungnituk, Quebec. Timanginak Petalaussie and Haunak Mikkigak (throatsong) Elelu Etedlui (guitar) from Cape Dorset, NWT. Joase and Sue Onalik (song and guitar) from Makkovik, Labrador.

* Inuktitut Music Workshop, Igloolik, NWT, 1982.
Recordings by Marvin Green

Connecting voices are Inuit radio announcer, Anne Skinner and Leo Küpper.

You may still be able to pick up a copy here, I didn't get mine there though so I can't vouch for them.



  1. Good afternoon, from Musicworks magazine!

    I found your post after doing some Google searches for our magazine. We are indeed still around, and still sell this Musicworks 23 cassette! Please take us down from here.


    Andrea Warren
    Musicworks magazine

  2. It's already down, as is most of the other music on this blog, but that's great to hear. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Thanks for your reply! send me an e-mail at manager musicworks ca and we can chat about your blog! All best,