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Friday, April 10, 2009

Merzbow - Pornoise

I think this is in the Merzbox but here's my copy of the 5 C60 book set of Merzbow's epic 1984 masterpiece Pornoise. You can still get this from RRR, runs $25 and you should buy it because RRRon is a great guy and deserves your money for continuing to provide not only this but so many other amazing releases (like: a ton of United Diaries cassettes, a book set of the absolutely necessary Rising from the Red Sand comp series, cdrs of p16.d4, etc). Here in five parts, ripped in utterly unnecessary v0, is five hours of cassette noise from the master himself during (imo) his best period. I've got a few other things I might post tonight but who knows what I'll get uploaded.

Personal favorite side is #9, A-side of the last cassette, "Toy 69". Rhythmic noise blasts, either from an overdriven drum machine or a machine gun on a tape loop, a lot of freaked out shortwave & synth noise and a woman being tortured to top it all off. If you haven't got an RS account, get that one.

done in single tape zips, open 'em all to a folder.

A Penis Art Is Microphone
B Loop Fuck / Obituary

C Night Noise White
D New Karhma

E Neon Swarm
F International Velvet

G Dynamite Don Don
H De-Filement Of His Nubile Young Wife

I Toy 69
J UFO Vs British Army


  1. Hy!

    Could you upload this release for another filehoster...?

    Or send it by mail?

  2. Ohh... Forget it, im get with my premium membership... Sorry...