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Friday, April 24, 2009

Omar Khorshid - Rhythms From The Orient

Omar Khorshid - Rhythms From The Orient

This one's been tossed around on a few blogs but it's tough to track down since most of them have gone down over the years. Khorshid was the greatest guitarist of Lebanese descent in my opinion, even including Dick Dale. Listen to this album and you'll see what I mean. I posted an old tape rip I had of his tribute to Oum Kalsoum as my first post on this blog, but nothing I've ever heard of his other work compares to this. An extremely limited range of comparison, since his LPs go for about $50 on ebay and I've never been able to find rips of them anywhere and his catalog is totally out of print aside from bootlegs. which you can only track down if you read arabic. Believe me, I've tried. Everyone should hear this.

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