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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

rahaan - disco not disco

last one for now, classic deep disco & new wave mix here. sorry for the poor quality. zshare still doesn't want to work for me so its rapidshare again i guess. luckily someone else put it up on divshare, listen here! (or on zshare here if that doesn't work)

rahaan - disco not disco

rough tracklist via djhistory
Was (Not Was) "Oh, Mr. Friction!"
Ron Trent-Love to the world (love dub)
Talking Heads-Pull up the Roots
Time Bandits-Live it up
Talking Heads-I Zimbra
Nancy Nova-The Force
Marsha Hunt-The Other Side of Midnight
Gino Soccio-S-Beat
Dj Rush-I Wanna
Magnifique 'Magnifique'
Divine-Love Reaction
Kebekelektrik's Wardance with 'Sensuous Black Woman'
Lanier-25 Hours(nick the record edit)
Was (Not Was)-Wheel Me Out
Rinder & Lewis-Arabella
El Coco - Afrodesia
- ?
Hott City-Ain't love grand
Barbara Mason & Bunny Sigler-Locked In This Position
Cerrone-Love In C Minor
Queen-Body Language

much love to the djhistory forums for this one and so many others.

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