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Monday, July 26, 2010

Post 101

Hey, last post was #100 and I didn't even notice. Nothing new just yet, except to remind that the twitter is (comparatively) much more active and to link up this mix I just rediscovered. Hit up this blog, maybe we can convince this guy to post up some more mixes.

DB1233 - Boogie Control

And the twitter again.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

McCarthy - Banking, Violence, and the Inner Life Today

McCarthy - Banking, Violence, and the Inner Life Today (1990)

Here's something out of left field for you. McCarthy is probably best known today for being the indie pop band where Tim Gane & Laetetia Sadier of Stereolab met, or something like that. It's been on my mind lately since getting that Un-Kommunity tape from NLFM blog (linked in a previous post). Perhaps my favorite indie-twee group of the late 80s era, McCarthy combined polished pop tunes with clever, biting lyrics and a heavy anti-Thatcher/pro-Labour bent. Anti-capitalism is always ++ in my book, but they also touch on gay rights, sexism, and pretty much everything else a proper young socialist ought to care about. First track on the album is my favorite:

CJ Bolland - The 4th Sign

CJ Bolland - The 4th Sign (1992)

Here's CJ Bolland's debut full-length off R&S, lot of classic bits of uptempo house in the dutch post-new-beat vein (Trance before it became "Trance" and people started doing that dour face whenever anyone mentions it). This rip is off the japanese CD re-release from '95. Here's a discogs review:

The 4th Sign, CJ Bolland's full-length debut for R&S, is notably — and refreshingly — free of his previous singles successes for the label. Instead of padding out the LP with a few of the club hits he'd recorded during his four-plus years on R&S, Bolland uses the opportunity to explore new methods and construct an album of tracks that work together as well as apart. True, there's not that much different here musically; it's a nine-track course through much of the same hard techno and pummeling trance he'd been known for. But the effects programming is inventive and just a bit leftfield for the dancefloor (at least circa 1992), and Bolland ranges from sleek trance ("Aquadrive"), to hardcore ("Spring Yard"), to symphonic progressive house ("Camargue"). Though the best tracks ("Nightbreed," "Mantra," "Thrust") come with help from the Advent's Cisco Ferreira (maybe this should've been released as a Space Opera LP instead), The 4th Sign is a near-perfect debut.

and the inevitable tacky 90s techno music vid:

Snag it above.

Also, check out the legowelt site on the 12 July post for some raw 808 beats, goes great with the Willesden Dodgers post from back in January. I just wish he'd included the track BPMs. And if you haven't gotten it already, get the second hour of this Rush Hour Radio podcast for a ton of rare chi-town tracks

haha sampling an alpha juno hoover into an emulator iii. classic.