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Friday, March 6, 2009

Pierre Takal - Music to Watch Over

Pierre Takal - Music to Watch Over (1988)

This is a tape I found with the pleasant woman who sells odds and ends out in front of 'Love will Save us all' in the village. Had some good finds with her through the last few years, which i'll be posting in the future. I can only assume that the Pierre Takal credited here is the same composer who has provided music for NPR's This American Life and other shows, check out the site for more info on his current work. This is presumably an old demo reel of his, marked from 1988 and chock full of late model analogs (filters sound like Alpha Juno/MKS-50 which would be about right for the time) and some DX-7, with what must have been a tremendous rack of samplers given the usual memory size of the period. Some great songs here (Pleasure, Going Nowhere, the ambient bits like Desert Plateau and Lawn Gone are also good), but mostly interesting to me for the technique. Wasn't sure what was what with Laughing All the Way so you've got two tracks instead of one. There's a fault on the tape on the first track, apologies but that's what you get when you're shopping out of bins on the street.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this unique recording. "Lawn Gone" has a real lawn mower through a reverb with live whistling. A unique moment captured and eternalized.