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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Appo Sound Project - SF Animethology '86

Was gonna post my rip of this mud hutters LP i found at the vortex (go figure) but, welp. No shame in being beaten by the best. Lots of shame in this post, though. I Shop At Academy Records, y'all.


Appo Sound Project - SF Animethology '86

Medley of instrumental tracks from the earliest era of MIDI, apparently a mix of background music from contemporaneous scifi movies and anime with some pop songs? At the time, a cheap cash-in by a broke studio. Now, a snapshot of a bygone era of music production. feat. Emulator II, Oberheim X-pander, Yamaha TX-816, three DX-7s, Roland Super-Jupiter (MKS-80), Roland HP450 Piano, Simmons SDS-9, Yamaha RX-11, Roland TR-727. Also used an NEC PC-9801 and six PC-8001 MKII's, either for sequencing or tone generation, does not mention.


im a nerd too y'all

One of several reasons i try to avoid letting people pick through my records (how can you not buy nazi lps? fucking wfmu fair). a similar lp inspired the blog title reference. much love, loronix.

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  1. Any chance you could re-upload this album? The link is down