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Friday, March 6, 2009

Series 1: Tape Noise

First in a series of noise/pe posts I think I'll try to do. Today we have some old tape rips I've got lying around. Old hard drive is dying so I need to archive these somewhere safer anyway. Next I'll try to put some vinyl comps into the stack waiting for a rip & post.

1. Yuzuru Syogase - 1983-1985 (1988)

Easily among my favorite noise recordings, never released on vinyl. Alternates between proper 80's tape noise and overloaded & self-oscillating analog synthesizers. Not a clue as to the equip but if I'm gonna roll on that gimmick I'd guess a polysix or juno type polysynth, lot of arpeggiated blipping that you probably couldn't squeeze out of a mono. very, very highly recommended as an intro to this period in noise.

2. Graveyard - Anal Fucking (1987)

Power electronics with a drum machine, heavy heavy broken flag influence on this. Check out his ebay page, he's been selling off his collection for years now (possibly copies rec'd on contemporaneous tape but such an amazing collection i can only thank him for it). If anyone else was lucky enough to get the Direct Waves broken flag posts back when he dropped them, you'll enjoy this. Samples a speech by hitler (marked "untitled" since it wasn't listed as a track, in case you'd like to avoid it) for a few seconds but is otherwise free of such. Judging by sound it's a homemade modular or early monosynth with a few different delay effects and a cheap microphone, maybe a hacked up consumer keyboard going off the drums. classic 4-track material.

3. Volksfront - Kampf Field

More from the same guy who produced the Graveyard album. I can only assume that he listened to the SS Leibstandarte MB tapes and didn't get the joke, because it's PE similar to the Graveyard material with nazi speeches played over it. Bits of nazi speeches interspersed with a japanese guy screaming in broken english through a self-oscillating delay effect, circa 1988. First side is mostly speech samples and Second side is one long analog noise track with a continuous nazi speech fading in and out and a tick-tocky analog drum machine beat run through a ton of delay.

I do want to make a point of saying that I do not support whatever political message you might take from this incomprehensible mess, and staunchly support the death/slaughter of fascists everywhere. Snapshot of a time in production and all. Enjoy, if that's the word.

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