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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Series 2: Disco Singles

I've decided to just make this a singles series, so it won't just be things classified as house. Tonight it's Italodisco, next time it will probably be minimal synth and euro post-punk. Two singles on tonight's roster are not technically italodisco, one is american funk (check it on the zshare links before you download the whole thing. or in addition to something if r-s gives you trouble.) and one is polish electronic stuff which is kinda disco, kinda not-quite.

first, you can get/preview the funk tracks without dealing with rapidshare:
Wisdom - Nefertiti
Wisdom - What-cha-gonna-du-about-you

Now for the full set: Wisdom - Nefertiti (4:09)
Wisdom - What-cha-gonna-du-about-you (3:21)

Universal Energy - Universal Energy (5:50)
Universal Energy - Disco Energy (6:51)

Osibisa - Dance the Body Music (3:24)
Osibisa - Right Now (3:08)

Theo Vaness - It's Now or Never (3:24)
Theo Vaness - I, Who Have Nothing (3:32)

C. Niemen - Mleczna Droga (3:14)
C. Niemen - Dorozka na Kisezyc (5:17)

you can still see the academy recs price tag on the last one/first one, but the rest of them were thing finds. one great trip there, haven't been so lucky since.

i can put it up in one file upon request.

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  1. That Theo Vaness cover is almost the perfect example of something you just KNOW is gonna be incredible.