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Thursday, May 20, 2010

VA - Kickin Mental Detergent

VA - Kickin Mental Detergent (1992)

Classic comp from my personal favorite '92 label, Kickin Records. Proper cuts of some serious breakbeat hardcore tunes here. As the cover says, 100% TECHNO.

Liner Notes:

WARNING: This record contains 11 tracks of 100% pure techno energy. This is the sound of KICKIN' RECORDS, one of the most uncompromising underground labels in the world today. The artists on this compilation are pushing the boundaries of contemporary music, creating an exciting and original new sound. Since the beginning KICKIN' has released one ground breaking track after another. Starting with THE SCIENTIST's "Exorcist", every KICKIN' single has gone top 10 in the British dance charts and five have hit number one! This amazing string of hits has earned KICKIN' a loyal following worldwide.

Mental Detergent kicks off with "Temple Of Dreams" by MESSIAH. This intoxicating song threatens to make pop stars out of the lads. Moving straight into the top 20 of the UK pop chart and number 1 on the dance chart, "Temple Of Dreams" weaves dreamy vocals with raw techno energy. Next up the chilling voodoo of "Evil Surrounds Us" by WISHDOKTA, followed by "World Famous", an unrelenting hardcore track from the Manchester duo ZERO ZERO.

THIRD MIND really start to cook with "Beans And Barley" then it's back to MESSIAH with their massive "There Is No Law". The sonic assault continues with ZERO ZERO's breakthrough US release "Zeroxed". The hypnotic "Just Makes Me" from THIRD MIND will take you over the edge just before WISHDOKTA casts his spell on you once again with "Sunrise". THE SCIENTIST slams his number one dance hit "Exorcist", followed by the ragga-acid sound of "You Think It's Over" by DEA. Finally THE SCIENTIST takes it to the limit with another number one dance track "The Bee".

Until now most of these songs have only been available as import singles from London. Finally together on one record this collection of hit singles will take you on a journey to the center of the KICKIN' sound. Get ready to get mental.

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  1. Been looking for this one for years. Had it originally on cassette so many years ago. Thanks!