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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rapidshare Issues

I've got a few things I'd like to upload, but Rapidshare has gone and switched from the monthly pass setup to some kind of totally incomprehensible points-based system (while, might I add, deleting my 14000+ already useless 'rapidpoints' (fuck your mousepads)) so until I can grasp what the hell is going on here I'm just going to push a few links for the sake of a new post.

Un-kommunity - In The Shithouse (1984)

This was a tape I've been looking for for ages, ever since I got the Freedom in a Vacuum comp a few years ago. Top notch tape noise from three english students, featuring McCarthy/Stereolab guru Tim Gane in his first musical(?) outing.

Tantra - Double Album (1980)

Featuring two side-long proto-italo epics, one of which being the timeless Hills of Katmandu, this one gets dropped regularly by a good friend whenever he does a vinyl set out & about.

also another reminder that i'm posting up videos to the twitter on the regular now:

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