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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Space Project - Disco from Another Galaxy

Good evening spacers & runaways! I've got a few more neat bits of far-out disco for you this week, mostly mp3 encodes of lossless files provided by the wonderful Disco2Go blog (Tonight's post found lossless here). The originals even come with .cues for your burning/ripping pleasure, so hit him up if you'd like the pristine originals or you want them in another encoding format.

First up is this four-track four-on-the-floor effort from Quebec. Supposedly involves an ex-member of seminal French Synthpop/Disco group Droids, although I can't seem to track down any more info on that and discogs is being less than helpful.

Laid-back spaced vibes throughout, with one of my absolute favorite 'sounds' when it comes to disco: the TV Soundtrack. Perfect for listening, lots of analog synth twiddles and production fun on two sides featuring a dozen separate snippets that could have been in the OST for Battlestar Galactica 1980. Superb. Once I get around to ripping vinyl again I'll have to start in on my small collection of this sort of thing. The French (and Quebecois, obviously) had a good handle on it, but frankly the Italians and the Japanese were the masters. Refer to my old post of that Digital Trip synth soundtrack for a prime demonstration of Japan's direction, or my very first post of Nights of Babylon for another example of French efforts to a similar end. Anyhow, check out the youtubes below. Beyond Orion is my clear favorite, but none of them fall short of expectations. Enjoy.

Space Project - Disco from Another Galaxy (1978)

Speaking of synthy-stuff and that Digital Trip album, the lucidmedia blog reposted it along with SIX more similar albums. The Macross one is particularly good for this kind of music (Silver Moon, Red Moon on the same is a great example of this kind of this soundtrackish disco sound, as is O-G Love although both are much more 'late-80s' in style). This also has an example or two.

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