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Monday, February 22, 2010

Billy Cancel/White Wave - Hidden House Split EP

Billy Cancel - Scan Cluster Scan Scatter, Hidden House - S/t, White Wave - To The Hidden Life (2010)

This is a split/collab I was given yesterday evening by two very good friends of mine. Billy Cancel is an Anglo-to-Brooklyn transplant spoken word artist and half of the power electronics group Farms, who I'd highly recommend to anyone with a taste for Broken Flag or most of the first generation groups. White Wave is someone I've collaborated with on shows, recordings, and various other things often over the past few years (did a thing with Billy once but always a bit more of a schedule issue for us, go figure). Classically trained in viola with an interest in Deluze, Situationism, and loop-based improvisational music, the latter four tracks are densely layered lo-fidelity psychedelic minimalism done as only we of the starving Brooklyn set can do. That is, properly beautiful. The two central tracks are from their new collaborative effort, Hidden House.

This record was put together to celebrate (or at least finished at the time of) their engagement, sadly I can't seem to figure out where the hell the various other related myspace pages are so I'll have to update this at some point in the next week or two (the two Hidden House tracks are on the White Wave myspace). True shame that I haven't got my scanner anymore, as the handmade xerox art is 'legit as fuck' as you might say, and the liner notes are sweetly touched to boot. Cannot possibly recommend this highly enough, both as up-to-the-minute proof that people around north Brooklyn are still doing interesting things lo these many years and as simply excellent work by some of the most creative and interesting artists I've had the privilege to meet.



  1. text of liner notes:

    HIDDEN HOUSE is a collaboration between GENEVIEVE K. (White Wave) and WILL MORRIS (billy Cancel). They met in Brooklyn in 2008 under unusually boring circumstances & have since trasnformed each others world w/ their love. Genevieve K. is a musician & performance Artist interested in questions concerning contermporary Catholic phenomenology. Will is a Sound poet whose work combines experimental literature & time-based performance. Both hate pseudo-Relativistic optimism and sterilized fun. Both share a love for funny cat videos, spicy food & good donuts. © Hidden House Press, November 2009

    Will Morris - Words, Mixing, editing, loops & effects

    All words by Will Morris (& add'l vocals & effects)
    All music written, recorded, performed by Genevieve K.

    The instruments you hear are:
    viola, bass guitar, singing bowls, guitar, vocals, synth & hand percussion

    All songs written, recorded, performed by Genevieve K.

    The two of us made each CD by hand.
    We distribute & number our work.
    If you accidentally recieved a bad copy, PLEASE let us know & we'll make it up to you over coffee & pie. GK

    Billy Cancel/White Wave - Hidden House Split EP

  2. the download link is down, could you reupload? downloaded a long time ago and loved it, lost it. thank you