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Friday, February 5, 2010

V-Effect - Stop Those Songs

V-Effect - Stop Those Songs! (1983)

This is my personal rip from my copy, one of those 'this looks neat let me check it on the old demo turntable' thrift store buys. Mutant Sounds posted this about three years ago but took it down because some label said they were going to re-release it. Since they never did (so far as I can tell), here it is again. I'll knock it down when someone links me to a press on forced exposure or wherever.

V-Effect straddle the no-wave and downtown scenes, though I imagine they didn't see it that way. The downtown people probably didn't see it that way either, since Mori is still with that downtown set and none of the people involved with this record seem to have kept an explicit presence within the "downtown scene" (or anywhere else I can find). Background established, this is... well... likely an album unlike anything you've heard before. Somewhere between no-wave and post-punk, free jazz and actual revolutionary sentiment. Call and response, self-taught sax squeal, analog clap pads on mic stands to add to the drummers' repertoire, thoroughly DIY and anti-capitalist.

This is what w-burg hipster bullshit should be right now. Enjoy.

first your feet... then your back... then your mind... then heart attack...


  1. Thanks just for hearing it 27 years later. You're right 'self-taught sax' is right on the money. I know. I was playing it. You heard it right alright. You heard it right.

  2. I became interested in this record after watching the Martin Bisi video where he takes down all of the stuff from his wall that he'd worked on over the years... never heard this record/band mentioned before in any no-wave context. Seems a little after that time.

    Anyway... I like it (found a copy on soulseek, but am willing to pay D.Zhonzinsky if he's got a paypal account set up ;)

    Favourite lyric...

    "rather be a slave than make a slave get up at eight"

  3. Rick Brown was actually in seminal no-wave outfir Information so yeah this is def. post-no wave. He went on to Fish & Roses and then Run On in the '90s.
    great record!

  4. Ann Rupel had a post V-Effect "downtown presence" in the bands Curlew and No Safety (and occasionally with God Is My Co-Pilot).

    And playing on one gig with Rick Brown and Sue Garner (Run On at that time?) in 2000 or so...


  5. Any chance this file will come back? Or did the reissue ever happen?