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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mahapurursh Misra - Indian Drums

Last one for tonight, an old tabla LP I picked up a few years ago. Throwing it up so my tabla-playing roommate can grab it. Can't seem to find any mention of it online aside from some old bookstore selling it on a few sites, so no info. I think it used to be owned by a DJ because there's some kind of locked groove on the last track which I could never fix. Nothing but tabla and tampura here, if that's your thing then enjoy. Note the tampura playing 'Greensleeves' in the background of Dadra-Tal! Only just noticed that. 60s traditional music records othered the hell out of whatever culture they were attempting to document, didn't they?

Mahapurursh Misra - Indian Drums (1966)

(by the way, when did blogspot stop accepting image uploads? very frustrating to realize I'm leeching from other sites without realizing it)

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