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Friday, July 10, 2009

Hiroshi Watanabe - Genesis

One of my all time favorite techno artists. One of the first techno CDs I was pointed to by more informed friends was the album under his Kaito pseudonym, Hundred Million Light Years which I cannot possibly recommend highly enough and may post in the future. Somewhere between UR and early 90s teutonic trance (back before everything went wrong). I've never heard anything by him, under any pseudonym, that wasn't absolutely beautiful music.

The Universe will hold us. We are just one tiny part of it.
Think about the Earth, it is but one small planet in the Universe. So this makes us a family.
No war - only love, peace, a newborn baby, children, humanity, communication, nature, cadence, sensitivity, crying, laughing, spririt, giving.
Life is at times not easy but we were born here.
We are living together.

Hiroshi Watanabe - Genesis (2006)

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