Sometimes the underground is a surreal place to be.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Computer Death

Ah! Sorry, it looks as if my ripping computer has died. I don't know when I'll be able to start posting personal rips again, since my laptop is a cheapie i picked up a few years back and isn't at all suited to it. I'll try to post rips I already have in the coming days, until I can get a proper platform to do originals.

The worst part is, since I can't listen to my mp3 collection I've been listening to my vinyl collection. I've found half a dozen lps I'd love to post but can't. Plus, half my collection is on a hard drive that isn't compatible with my external enclosure. I'll have to look over what I have, so for the time being everything I post will be the sort of thing I was into a few years ago.


  1. Damn, I just discovered your blog, so that's a shame. Still, loving most of what you've posted do far, you seem to have excellent taste. I anticipate your upcoming posts, and I hope your PC gets fixed soon.

  2. rare & obscure - great stuff
    ... get well soon.

    ash >